Keith Parker
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Reported by Tom Carlson.

Keith Parker was the person killed in the car accident in which Bruce Batman was driving. The story I recall was that the car had radials on the front and bias ply on the rear, going around a sharp curve the car slid off the road and the rear passengers’ side hit a tree right in line with where Parker was sitting. That curve was well marked and truly dangerous, but Batman was not an experienced driver.


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I was to be the 6th person in the car that night but did not want to go back that early. Bruce was an OK driver but missed the curve on the hill that had about a 6 foot dropoff into the 3-4 foot diameter dead oak tree that the car hit. Keith was in the back seat center of the car when it hit and was killed almost immediately when a rib punctured his spleen. I had taken a taxi back to the farm house and we passed the site. when I got back with my car everyone was being taken care of by the police and others. We all had to go to the courts martial several month later to testify about the wreck.

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