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when you can’t even hold a job on a network no one watches:

Keith Olbermann’s Angry Email Trail Traces Breakup With Current TV

Olbermann never came close to the more than 1 million viewers he had averaged at MSNBC, but his Current show was drawing more than 100,000 in the prized 25-to-54 age group last summer—and that gradually dwindled to 30,000.


Current fired Olbermann for breach of contract.


The principal beef of Current executives is that the highly paid Olbermann often didn’t show up for work, missing 19 of 41 days in January and February.


Olbermann, of course, is no stranger to contentious departures, having left MSNBC twice (most recently 14 months ago) as well as ESPN under bitter circumstances.  But the Current deal was supposed to be different because it was a self-proclaimed liberal channel and not a major corporation, with Olbermann granted a leading management role.

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