Český Krumlov Floods Again
Posted: 02 June 2013 10:39 AM   [ Ignore ]
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Many of you may recall the flood of 2002 in Český Krumlov. Now the Vltava is at it again.

Some photos by a blogger: http://thatsmycoffee.com/photo/cesky-krumlov-flood-june-2013/#jp-carousel-2273

One of the city’s live webcams: http://infoservis.ckrumlov.info/php/webcam/middle.php

Prague is having problems as well, I’ve read.


I just emailed that blogger who’s on-site and got a brief update:

“Thanks!  The waters are coming down.  I think we’re going to be OK. A few hundred more pictures and some video to go through. Check the blog again after a day or two.”


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