Bodies &  Wheels
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Memory was a little fuzzy at the time and even more so now, but ….. as I recollect the experience ….. it occurred during the Oktoberfest season of either 1968 or 1969 at the Kotzting Beer Fest.

Following a full night of merriment, a rather large contingent of the Rimbach lads gathered in the parking lot for the journey home.  A potential dilemma ensued when we realized that we had only one car – a smaller sport car convertible at that (I think the car belonged to one of the MPs but can’t be sure).
Anyway, we all 12 or so - being of unsound, inebriated, collective mind - didn’t recognize the dilemma and proceeded to fit ourselves into and onto the car. Somehow, we all managed to find a place. Personally, I recall being temporarily married to the right rear bumper.

We made the short trip from Kotzting to Rimbach in such a state and in such a travel mode miraculously without incident.

I can’t help but visualize what it would have looked like to a beholder – four wheels underneath a pile of bodies ?

That’s my colorful recollection. Hopefully, and if needed, others will fill in the blanks to provide more detail and clarity smile