Let’s gather in Rimbach October 17/18, 2019
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Let’s have a 50 year reunion in Rimbach.

Why 2019? 1969 was the first year that the site on the Hohen Bogen was in place for the full year and it is a reasonable approximate midpoint for the period the site existed in all its configurations. 

Why mid October?  Avoid the higher summer airfares and the summer heat (they have been having some hot summers in Europe and AC is not as available as here). Wait until Oktoberfest is over so flights into Munich and hotels are more available and cheaper - in 2019 Oktoberfest ends on Sunday the sixth.  So the week beginning the following Sunday, the 13th, seems good. Thursday and Friday of that week are the 17th and 18th.  Those could be the core days for getting together.  If you want to come in before or stay later there can be more to do, but it seems we could have the primary events on those two days - a banquet, trip up the hill to the old site, lunch at the Schönblick, etc. 

To give credit where credit is due it was last year (2017) at the Boyleston Schulverein Beerfest in Walpole, MA, that Christina Annese, wife of Ralph “Monty” Annese, and a native of Furth im Wald/Schafberg, suggested there should be a 50th reunion sometime soon for Rimbacher Americans. So we came up with October 2019 using the rationale as related above. 

Last year I brought the subject up here in the Forums and on the secret Facebook site.  There was some response, but at that point it was still so far away.  Now it is time to get serious. 

There have been about 8-10 promising responses already, plus we have a few former Ridgerunners still living in or near Rimbach.  The number of attendees will determine if we just decide where to eat together when we get there and take a few cars up to the Schönblick, or have to reserve a larger space and arrange for bus transportation.  Charlie Hess has done a great job with planning for reunions in 2004 and 2009, and others. He has offered to assist again.  Let’s make some decisions and commitments.  My wife and I are planning to arrive in Rimbach on about the 14th and leave on the 19th for Munich, Dachau, Neuschwanstein - then set sail on the 23rd on a river cruise from Passau to Budapest.  Anybody who wants to do something like a cruise before or after the reunion should book it very soon.  It’s a year out but the ships are already filling up.


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