The Cover Group “Young At Heart”
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  Among other things, I believe we need a topic about music and films. I plan to blog about both, hopefully with some help and input from others. This is about a fantastic Documentary film that I happen to catch recently. The film is called “Young At Heart” and it aptly named. It was a real sleeper and opened the Florida Film Festival.

  The film directed by British director Stephen Walker tells the story of a group of New England senior citizens whose average age is 80 years old. Many of them have medical problems. What keeps them young, is their love of music and the performance thereof.

  The group has been performing songs to sold out audiences around the world since 1982, and they put on quite a show. Tickets are very hard to come by. Their genre of music is Rock. Songs by RadioHead, James Brown, The Ramones, The Clash, ColdPlay, The Flaming Lips, and David Bowie are just some of the songs they perform.

  Moreover the film sends a message that we are never too old to have fun, to enjoy life, and to bring happiness to others. It sends a deep message to all people about never stop doing what you love. It is touching, inspiring, and at the same time hilarious. It debuted in Germany as well, and audiences are just as thrilled. When else are you going to see a 92 year old former strip tease artist belting out “should I stay…or should I go?”

  Go see it. You won’t be sorry!

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I’ve always felt that while we all get older, none of us need “get old” so long as we keep doing what we love, keep having fun, keep laughing and keep active. Glad to see folks who’ve put that to the test and proven the theory right!


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