Saturn Hydrogen Project Part 4 Final
Posted: 12 November 2008 10:04 PM   [ Ignore ]
Day Lady
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The last item you will need is a switch to turn your hydrogen generator on/off from the passenger compartment of your car. Find a place to mount that you can reach from the driving position. I leave mine in the “on” position all the time, but it is necessary to have a switch handy that will shut everything off if you ever had problems while driving.

I located the switch in the center dash, by the cup holders. See my picture. This switch is illuminated and glows soft blue when the hydrogen generator is on. Since I never turn mine off. I inverted the switch. By that I mean that normally a switch is turned on by flipping the lever up. Ours is turned to the on position by switching the lever down. The reason I chose this position, is that it’s quite easy to bump a switch, or put a drink in the holder and push the lever down. It’s much harder to bump something and switch the lever upwards. I wanted to keep the switch in the on position, unless I had an emergency, therefore I mounted it backwards.

One other safety precaution was employed. I wired the switch to the fuel pump fuse, since the fuel pump is disabled in a crash. In the case of the Saturn, so is the hydrogen generator.