Hydro Super 2 Mounting Toyota Tundra
Posted: 30 November 2008 10:44 PM   [ Ignore ]
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I chose a front mounting position for the Hydro Super 2 double cell hydrogen generator, placing it in front of the radiator for cooling reasons. If you look closely at this picture, and the picture from the previous entry on my Blog, you will see that I used angled-iron to mount the top right side. The Toyota Tundra has two horns, and each has it’s own threaded bolt to hold it in place. I removed the horn from the right front. I then located it together with the horn on the left front, using one bolt to hold both horns in place there. I then used the existing threaded bolt to attach the right side of the Hydro Super 2 into the threaded mount. No holes drilled and very sturdy. The bottom of the Hydro Super 2 is resting on a cross member right below the front bumper, and it is quite secure. There was no need to attach anything to the bottom, it rests secure on the nylon end plates. Be careful not to short the red wire in the center of the bottom nylon plates to ground, since this is the positive lead.

The right side was easier. There was a metal vertical support, right down the center of the Tundra. I simply used a big metal adjusting band to attach, the kind you find on garden hose only larger. This type of clamp closes as you adjust the screw.  I put it around one side of the Hydro Super 2, making sure I was around screws and not clamping any wires. I then leveled it, and screwed the clamp shut around the center support.

The wiring was much easier as well. The black wires have their own lugs, and since negative is ground in this vehicle, all I had to do was get them grounded. There just happened to be another threaded small bolt right at the bottom of the center support, and I attached both ground wires there to frame ground. The two red wires I ran straight to the positive side of the battery. Once I had them attached I put electrical loom around the wires running back to the hydrogen generator. This time I used a small piece of bent anodized aluminum, and drilled a hole in it for the on/off switch. I ran the wires thru the rubber gasket on the driver’s side into the passenger cabin. I then mounted the switch into the small mount I had just made. I then attached it to a screw under my legs, on the driver’s side of the cabin, so I could reach it with my right arm if needed. As stated before, I always leave the hydrogen generator on, but you must have the option of turning it off from the inside of the vehicle. Finally I ran the relay wire to the fuel pump fuse, so the hydrogen generator would turn off in case of an accident. Almost every modern car turns the fuel pump off in case of an emergency.

There are two fuses, one for each cell of the Hydro Super 2 Double. Each has a rubber protective cover, and each is easy to check. The fuses are near the battery, which makes it very handy to check.

The Hydro Super 2 double cell was now mounted. It was easy to reach the drain levers for water changes. The mounted generator looked good, and best of all I had not drilled a single hole, or made any major change to the vehicle. I finished up by painting the angle iron and screw heads black with Krylon Black Matt Spray paint. I put Lock Tight on my screw clamp to prevent it loosening.