Burg Fräulein of Lichtenegg
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Reported by Dan Hagy.

Legend has it that in years of yore, a young damsel of the family of Burg Lichtenegg was deeply in love with a young nobleman of a family that lived on the mountain (around Hoherbogen). The young nobleman had his way with her and then would not marry the lass. The girl’s father implored the father of the young nobleman to do the right thing and bind their two families with the marriage of their two offspring.

The lad’s father refused. As legend has it, the girl’s father mounted his troops, laid siege to the castle on the mountain, and eventually breached the walls. Everyone within was slain, the castle reduced to rubble, and buried so that there would be no evidence that anyone had ever resided there.

The fair young maiden, when she heard of the death of her lover, threw herself from the tower of the Burg. Legend also has it that her ghost is seen in the woods around the tower seeking her lover and that any young man she encounters will disappear forever. Other observers of the ghost have reported her sitting, brushing her long hair and singing to herself.

Footnote: When the TV tower atop the mountain was severely damaged during heavy storms in the 1980s, a decision was made to erect a more durable structure. Engineers cleared the site, and a deep hole to accommodate a solid foundation was excavated in the mountain top. Lo and behold, bits and pieces of the ruins of a castle were found—remnants of armor, weapons, and the like. A piece of a castle archway was incorporated into a wall of the tower building.

Also, FYI: The extremely large farmhouse just past where the Bird House was located was the original residence of the owners of the Burg. There was a tunnel system that connected the residence with the Burg so the family could retreat to the defensive fortress. It wasn’t until around the 1960s that the tunnel was finally sealed to prevent anyone from becoming trapped.


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