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Reported by Phil Wetzel.

I remember the first time I pulled CQ. Jerry (White), Tim (White) and I think George Beattie came in and needed someone to go along with them to the Bahnhof in Furth im Wald and bring their car back. I know it was a BMW, and I think it was George’s maroon one. I was the only one around and didn’t want to leave my post, but you know how persuasive guys that don’t give a shit about rules can be. It was one of those foggiest of nights, I didn’t have my license yet, and I didn’t know where I was going. I was scared shitless until I got back to my post. What would the Iron Man say if he knew I had deserted my post like that and put all you guys in danger?


6913th Security Squadron USAF
Rimbach, West Germany

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