Something About The Bayerischer Hof
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Reported by Dan Hagy.

And since I’m recounting tales and am on a roll, I’ll tell the story of my first date with the lady that was to become my bride.

When I asked her out for the first time, she requested that I meet her at the Bayerischer Hof. When I told some of my friends where I was going to meet her, I was forewarned that they did not like Americans there. The last time any GI was in there, there was a large, chair-breaking, bar-busting hell of a fight, with multiple injuries on the GI side.

Well, not to be put off by any such minor issues as this, I showed-up on a Saturday night early, by myself, and stood outside for a while smoking a few cigarettes, building up courage to enter. Finally, I said to myself, “What the hell? All that can happen is another fight and I get tossed out with a few bruises and bangs to explain to the Major (Businger).”

I put out my cigarette and entered the main bar area (rather like entering a saloon in the old days). I bellied-up to the bar, ordered a “Mass Krug”, and waited for the first challenge. The guy next to me turned, looked me up and down, and asked (in German): “Are you an American?” I thought to myself, “Oh, shit! Here it comes.” I nonchalantly unbuttoned my shirtsleeves and said, “Yes.”

The discussion turned to one of “Great! Let me buy you a beer! Oh, by the way, whatever happened to the Americans coming here? You know, we used to have some fantastic knock-down, drag-outs in the Keller-Bar downstairs. Great bunch of guys! And then they quit coming here! What happened?”

In the intervening months, I ended up working part-time in the Keller-Bar and had a wonderful time interacting with all of the tourists that wondered through the area. And on more than one occasion, I had a threat from a “visitor” from another village wanting to throw the Ami bartender out. The response was usually several of the locals standing up and stating, “He’s busy! If you want to fight, there’s me.” And the next guy saying, “And if he fails, there’s me. Leave the bartender be! He has important work!”


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