The Acid Test
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Reported by Carl Hartmann.

I remember a story from there, though, again, I don’t remember the name, but there was a TTY operator at Det K who had spent at least a year at Herzo base before moving up there, who got a little frizzed out on some LSD, which was fairly popular at the time. Well, he got to work after being up for a long time and fell asleep on the job. Our leaders found out it was acid and brought him back to Herzo for trial.

While he was awaiting trial at Herzo, he took some more acid and started feeling a little dirty, so he went to do his laundry. That is, he went directly to the laundry, which was used by the wives of guys living right outside the Herzo compound, and removed his clothes and washed and dried them. Well, I guess he didn’t quite get them dried, as the MPs were called by one of the ladies.


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