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Reported by Art McMaster (1964-65).

I can add a bit to the excellent background provided by my fellow Czech speaker Chuck Ryan. Chuck and I were about three classes apart at Monterey — thus probably about 6 months apart in our assignment times — except that we were all only 3-year ASA people then. No AF and no women.

The NCOIC on HB was Rick Phelps. Rick was probably an E-7 then. He went on to make E-9 and I think he was in Berlin for a while after the “early years.” Rick Phelps was a good NCO. He kept the officers from Herzo out of our hair.

I can’t even imagine working on that mountain in the winter. We set up in 292-vans in mid-April of 1965. That was my only experience. Didn’t live in the Silberbauer, but further up the road toward the site with about 8 other guys, including Roland Thomas. My good friend Brian Holmes, an 058 guy, was at the Silberbauer, so I got to spend some time there, too. Herr Silberbauer (if that was his name) had been a US POW and spent time in Alabama. He loved the US and seemed kindly disposed toward us.


6913th Security Squadron USAF
Rimbach, West Germany

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