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Welcome to the Rimbach Vets Web site.

I hope everyone who visits finds something about it they like, if nothing more than perhaps a photo, article or comment that tickles a long-dormant memory of youthful good times.

A first-time visitor to this site who is unfamiliar with Rimbach, the Cold War or even military service in general might wonder what all the hubbub is about. I direct the newcomer (“weed” in our parlance) to this article by Harry Wallace. It’s probably the best description I’ve seen of our experiences. For obvious reasons, it does not go into detail about our work, nor does it explain why we treasure our memories of those times.

To understand more, visit our forums area, and you’ll eventually get a taste of what it was like and why we remain so close after all these years. At least we hope you do.

As for you old-timers, you Rimbach veterans, I hope you like our new Web site. I urge everyone to read this forum entry about how best to use the forums. GIven more time and fewer distractions, I know I could have given you better results on this site, and I’ll be tweaking and changing as time goes by. Any typos, mistakes or other problems are purely my own, so don’t hesitate to let me know about them.

So go forth and explore, Rimbachers.


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Bubba, I think you did a damned fine job.  I know you put a lot of blood, sweat and beers into this project.  I, for one, am glad you have the tools and knowledge to generate this new site.  After 10+ years, it truly needed a major face lift and you certainly did that. 

Now on to the task of uploading those hundreds of images and getting them titles and captioned.  I’m a data entry geek for the AF, so I’ll get it done over time.


Glenn Miller - AA5PK
USAFSS/Rimbachvet Aug ‘72 - Jun ‘75

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My compliments to Bill Lamb for “A History of Just About Everything.”  I was about 10 years ahead of his period of assignment to Det K. And yes,
it was called “Det K” even then - April 1965.  I had just returned from Schneeberg, which I think was Det J. (Det L was Mahring) when, while
doing transcriber duty at Herzo Base, I got orders to Rimbach. There were about 40 of us in the initial set up that spring. we may have added
a few people in the early summer. We operated on 3 tricks: days, swings, and mids. The “lifers” worked only in the day. No officers back then.
SFC Rick Phelps was NCOIC. He was assisted by two or three other career-minded fellows - mostly E6s. The outstation belonged to Company B,
for administrative purposes. Once in a great while the Captain would come take a look-see at what we were up to on the hill. Most of the guys
lived in the heart of Rimbach, at Moodies. Maybe 8 (or so) of us were at a farmhouse, maybe 1/2 mile up the road, heading toward Hoherbogen.
  Good times. I ETS-ed in Sept 65. Still in touch with a few of the old gang.