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During my time on the Hill, summers were short and the parties went well into the nights. It was a season we all looked forward to. One aspect of summer the La Faire Vite guys did not look forward to was “muling.”  Yes as in a mule, the four footed pack animal. We had to be pretty much self-sufficient in everything and in those days we did not have any such luxuries as gas powered weed eaters to cut the grass on the side slopes. We had a tractor we used for snow blowing and some things we called idiot sticks as well as a mush mower. The tractor did not have a mowing deck and the hills were to steep any way. The push mower was only limited by how far down we could reach. The idiot sticks, a serrated blade with a long handle, were the weapon of choice albeit a hell of a lot of work. Since none of us were golfers, that got old really quick. That is when some one came up with the idea of muling. Why don’t we tie a rope to the push mower and let it down and pull it up? Two guys would let the mower go down and then pulling like mules, up it would come. Repeat various times until the bulk was cut. Life was not great but better than swinging the idiot stick!  That of course was fine and dandy until the rope slipped and off went the mower crashing into the fence, still running full out! Needless to say, the mower got sent back to Hohenfels with “unknown” problems. “Honest, it just stopped working!” And we, went back to the idiot sticks.


Joe Greene
La Faire Vite
1979- 1982