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Most times for us La Faire Vite guys at Hoher Bogen we did not need a car. The army was nice enough not only to let us drive the vehicles, but also gave us gas coupons! That was fine and dandy till the NCOIC decided we should not be doing that, and going down to the Dicks Ratskeller was not health and welfare. So Terry, Todd and I looked for and found a suitable car. It was an Opel, can’t remember the year. Pretty beat up with lots of rust, but mechanically sound. Terry was a pretty good auto body/shade tree mechanic. He worked on old jeeps so this was something he liked. The car was something like $75 dollars and came with 11 tires. None of which could pass the rigid German inspection. We split the cost three ways.. and we were off, well almost. Our boss told us we had to register it PDQ or else. Something about this crazy rule.. What rules?? Oops, thats right we were in the Army.

We kind of knew the inspection was going to tough so we got our newly dubbed care, Billy-Bad, ready for inspection, forgetting about the tires.  We drove to Hohenfels and went through the inspection. We groaned and moaned and they let us slide, but he would not budge on the tires. No tires no pass. We also found out this time that “they” would not let us off the base without our temporary tag. Since it was good only for the day to get the car on the base, getting it off would have to have the base command sergeant major’s approval! So off we went to bend his ear. We did not want to let us have it, but we pulled our hardship card.. being on the boarder on a remote site, having it rough and sleeping on the ground..C-rats.. and on and on. He finally gave in with the words, “You f@#%ing spooks, take the tag and get the hell out of my office. Next time I see you three, you had better have your hair cut.”

Off we drove with large smiles, wondering where we were going to get out hands on some cheap tires that could pass inspection.

Low and behold, like manna from heaven, our knuckle-headed NCOIC came up the next day in his Opel, telling us he was taking the sedan to Augsburg for the three days. RHIP. He was going to leave his car on the Hill, even left us the keys in case we had to move it. He had been gone no more than five minutes and we had drove his car to the garage and swapped the tires. The pit crews at NASCAR would have been proud of us! Terry and Todd drove to Hohenfels and Billy-Bad passed inspection. We got the tires swapped back and he never knew.

Billy was a good car. We could come and go as we wanted with out asking. He was short lived though. Terry took a snow covered curve in Koetzting a little too fast and that was the end of Billy. We all loved that car. We did not care if the windows were held up with screwdrivers, or the stereo cost more than the entire car.. it was freedom.

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Ha! Nice story for the LFV days. Thanks!


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