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Snaking was a tradition that started on the LVF site sometime before I arrived. Mostly it was a way to welcome weeds to the cold of the Bavarian forest. But it also turned into a way to punish those who did not do their assigned chores. Six guys living on the Hill alone, we had to take care of ourselves. We worked 12 on 12 off; the off guy was still required to stay on the site. The supervisor, who was more a warm body than a supervisor, could come and go, or let the off man go as he saw fit. But there always had to be two guys on the site. Living there 24/7, we also could not call out to Dominoes for pizza, so we had to cook. The noon to midnight had to plan and cook two meals and the trick supervisor the third meal of the three day trick. The cook had to wash the pots and pans he used, and his plates. Each guy who ate had to wash his own plate. Of course there were also regular house chores each trick had to perform, vacuuming upstairs, or cleaning the bathrooms and hallway, and cleaning on down to the shelter where the equipment was. This was just a little background on where you could wrong and get “Snaked.” Don’t wash your diner plates and you could wind up with dirty dishes under your covers when you come back to relieve the outgoing trick, or get Snaked. Did not vacuum the rugs, you could get Snaked. And on and on, the list would grow. There was never a threat of getting Snaked; you just knew when the crapola hit the fan.

Wurmburg, our sister site, dropped water balloons on their weeds as a welcome to the tower.  But they lived in their tower unlike us. And they were wimps and not very original. I am not sure what they did when you did some work related misbehaving. What ever it was, I am sure it was not as dastardly as the Snake.

So what was the Snake? We had these large coolers, I think 48 quart size. We used them to buy our food at Hohenfels. They were also an important ingredient in the Snake recipe. We would go outside and fill the cooler full of snow. Then back inside and water would be put in to make it a nice slushy mix. When the person who performed the unworthy deed was taking a shower, in we would sneak. The air would be thick with steam and nice and warm. Slowly we would make out way up to the common double shower booth. Both of the wronged coworkers would heft the slushy mix up and dump it on the unsuspecting perpetrator. Down the cold water would splash. The guys with the cooler would run out of the bathroom, yelling “SNAKE!” As the guy on the receiving end would be sucking up all the air in the place!

Some of you might be asking, “why did we yell snake?” Well when you get hit with water that cold, the only way you could get your penis to come out of hiding was to stick your finger up inside your anus and yell “SNAKE,”  hoping you could scare your shriveled member back out again!

Snaking was well known on the Hill. There were never any hard feelings and we each knew we deserved it and life went on after that. But it sure as hell was a long time before we would screw up and don’t do our dishes again


Joe Greene
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Good one, Joe! Keep the stories comin’. wink


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