Alaska on the satellites
Posted: 01 October 2008 07:06 PM   [ Ignore ]
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I worked a second station in Alaska last night on the one satellite with a large footprint.  It was one of those weak, barely readable signals, but we exchanged the necessary information to make it a valid contact.

Like Hawaii, Alaska is tough to work from West Texas.  On every satellite pass where the footprint covers me and Alaska, I’ve listened for them, but there aren’t too many up there operating through the satellites.

This operator, Joe/AL1F, has been logging “heards” on the Live OSCAR Satellite Status Page for a long time, so I knew he was at least listening.  I caught him as the satellite AO-7 was down to about 10 degrees elevation here.  His grid square (AP90) puts him close to the western coast of Alaska, so it was at low elevation and rising for him.  There’s one other station in Alaska that I’ve heard a few times, but haven’t been able to work yet.  Fortunately, I have Alaska confirmed, but it’s nice to reach out to the tough ones and make it.

I was talking with Mike/KE7ULS in Eden, Utah on AO-7 last night telling him I was looking for AL1F and he commented that he’s worked him several times.  Alaska is certainly easier when you’re “up north” in Utah.  But it’s as much of a stretch for him to work the South American stations as for me to work AK or HI.  I do kind of envy the guys on the East Coast who can work stations in Europe.  But they’ll not be hearing Hawaii cheese


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