Ratskeller and Fasching
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Every year during Fasching, the Ratskeller would have kind of a costume party. At least that is how I remember it. One year we decided to go in a group theme. I can’t remember if it was the first or second time we did this. Maybe one of the guys could help me with my memory. Our theme was emergency medical type folks. You know, ambulances and stretcher and the like.

I can’t remember who was there, but it was basically a couple of EMTs, a nurse, and a guy on the stretcher we kept in the attic in case it was needed. The nurse was played by Lisa Kirschbaurer (now Jeter) of course, since she was an actual nurse! Some one was in the stretcher all bandaged up with blood and stuff. We also had a twist to the costumes. We took an empty Jack Daniels bottle and filled it with water and food coloring so it would look the real thing. We then placed an IV tube with liquid in it to the bottle top then taped it to the guy’s arm in the stretcher. Thanks to Lisa it looked damn real! Off we drove in the OD green VW microbus to Furth!

We made our grand entrance just like it was a real emergency. Everyone clapped and enjoyed the scene. After we sat down and had a beer we pulled the IV bottle down and took the cap off. Each of us drank as much “whiskey” as we could with full theater dramatics. We gulped and swallowed until the bottle of Jack was emptied. Once again everyone clapped and enjoyed the scene. One of the other partiers, a German, came up to us and said, “You like whiskey, yes?” We all laughed and ordered another round of beers. A good time was had by all at the Ratskeller that night! I don’t have any pictures of that night. I do of the “Chinese” costumes, but not EMT night! Maybe Tony Jeter might have some hidden out he could share!


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