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2008 Toyota Tundra Hydrogen Conversion Change

Posted or updated 11.26.08 by Chuck Russell


I received the 21 plate dry cell hydrogen generator. Once nice thing about dry cell convertors is that they take up little space. Basically a square or rectangle, with very little depth. I was excited, and I did a dry run hooking it to a battery . It worked very well and the production of hydrogen was over 5 liters per minute. After running it on a battery charger for some time, I began to see two very potential problems with the dry cell. The first was that it required over 50 amps power input, to produce that 5 liters of hydrogen. I always had the impression that dry cell hydrogen generators were the most efficient kind, but this was a big disappointment. I would need a second battery in the engine compartment just to run this hydrogen convertor.

The second problem was that after two hours running, the heat had risen 47 degrees.  I had expected some heat increase, but not nearly as much as I actually measured. Even a small radiator to run the water through wouldn’t do much good. I finally decided to return it to the manufacturer for a full refund, and go back to my submerged plate technology. A setback, but then again with the safety of a submerged unit, I would not have to install a spark arrestor, nor would I have any safety concerns while driving.

I then ordered the double cell Hydro Super 2 from Smith Industries. One word of warning here, the Hydro Super 2 is the most copied Hydrogen Generator available, and there are some “knock offs” of the design selling on the internet and E-bay. Use your judgment, if it seems to good to be true price wise, then it probably is. One of my own employees got suckered into buying a knock off from an E-bay seller. Always buy from a reputable authorized seller of the manufacturer you choose.

Here is a quick picture of the Hydro Super 2 Double Cell Hydrogen Generator mounted in the 2008 Toyota Tundra. It was mounted up front by the radiator so that it is air and water cooled. I will get to the actual install in the next entry.

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