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2008 Toyota Tundra Hydrogen Conversion

Posted or updated 11.22.08 by Chuck Russell


My next Hydrogen Conversion project is a rather large Toyota Tundra 2008 pickup, with a 5.7 liter V-8 engine. Weighing almost 3 tons, it presents a totally different challenge than the first 3 cars I put a hydrogen generator on. This model has a double cab, and the Off Road package. This is the vehicle I use to deliver large items to customers, in my Audio Video business, and it is my personal daily transportation. It delivers nearly 400 HP, and is not very fuel efficient, particularly in city driving where it averages about 14.5 mpg. It’s a blast to drive, so far as large pickups go with great power and torque, and it will pass anything very quickly. About the only thing it has going for it fuel wise, is a 6 speed automatic transmission, which assures that the engine is loafing on the highway when cruising. That allows me to get 22 mpg driving the speed limits.

I will need a hydrogen generator that can produce 4 liters of hydrogen per minute or more, and that in itself is a problem. I know of very few single units that can produce this kind of output, and most of those are the 21 plate Dry Cells. If I decide to go with a Dry Cell, then I will need a flashback arrestor to protect the hydrogen before it gets to the engine, since it won’t be submerged in water. I will also need a small radiator to cool the water that goes into the hydrogen convertor, upfront by the water radiator.

I decided to order a 21 plate dry fuel cell hydrogen generator. The difference between a dry and wet cell is that the dry cell plates are not submerged in water. The water passes into an opening and between only parts of the plates. Gaskets keep the water inside and from leaking. A dry cell can produce prodigious amounts of hydrogen, and the cost is somewhat better than the wet cell.

I ordered the dry cell. Let’s see how it goes.

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