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40 MPG Toyota Tundra

Posted or updated 01.27.09 by Chuck Russell


When I last posted results of my hydrogen conversion (2008 Toyota Tundra), I was averaging around 34.6 mpg highway. Since that time, I have been able to dial everything in much better, and closely tune the output of the hydrogen generator, as well as the hydrogen/gasoline mixture. I now run the Hydro Super 2 Double at 6 amps per cylinder. This allows one to hit the sweet spot of 8 amps, within 5 to 10 minutes. Maximum hydrogen output is attained over the entire trip duration. I now believe starting with 6amps straight out of the box, or when changing water will guarantee optimum results. Both my vehicles now use this 6 amps as starting point.

I now run the 2008 Toyota Tundra ( 5.7 liter engine), with 50% hydrogen & 50% gasoline in the city position. On the highway position, I use 70% hydrogen & 30% gasoline. The highway setting is a cruise position, and the engine really likes it. It runs very smooth, and almost silent. I also have taken thermal readings, and the engine runs 12 degrees cooler at this setting, than on straight gasoline. All settings are determined by the Mass Air Flow Sensor Enhancer installed in the cab, a simple dial.

I drove many miles over Christmas, and I was delighted with the results. In fact so delighted, that I almost feared my readings were wrong. In the following month I have confirmed these results, and duplicated them anew. My Christmas driving left me with a combined 40 MPG highway. I must confess that after obtaining 41.6 MPG on a near perfect front leg of the trip, 60 degrees, slight tail wind & slight decline in altitude, that I tried some of the hyper-mile tricks on the return leg. A cold front blew in, I was in high profile vehicle and facing 55 mph winds. It was very cold with some light freezing, and my mileage was dropping. I have always driven the speed limit, but this time I coasted with the wind. I drove a straight 65 mph, on a 70 mph road, and refused to accelerate climbing.

My spouse became annoyed with me, she was quite tired and wanted to get home. I was determined to get 40 MPG. By the time I got home late, I had exactly 40MPG on the scan gauge. I threw my arm up in victory, and shouted “YEAH”. The next day I took it to the service station and tanked. The final results were 39.4 mpg. Well almost anyway…

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