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Hydro Super 2 Double Design Defect Water Mixer Tank

Posted or updated 12.01.08 by Chuck Russell


There is a design defect in the water tank bubbler design of the new Hydro Super 2 Double. Smith Industries redesigned the water tank for greater hydrogen flow. There were two 3/8 inch input elbows placed at the right bottom of the mixer tank to allow each hydrogen cell to have it’s own hydrogen input, instead of the one input from the past design. This was good thinking and it allows each of the Hydro Super 2 Double Cells to function independent of the other, and there is greater hydrogen flow since each generator has it own input. Both cells work like a water pump, pulling water from the bottom and passing hydrogen and water up through the lines and back into the water tank.

However, there is a serious problem with the design of the water tank The problem is that both inputs are directly below the hydrogen out tap on the top right hand side. What happens is that the two inputs directly below the hydrogen output, create a geyser-like bubbling when both work simultaneously. This literally causes the water to spring up on the right side. The hydrogen gas is normally sucked from the top after it rises above the highest water level. However, since both inputs and the single output are together on the right side of the water mix tank, the water is roiling, and some water gets sucked out the hydrogen out tap on the right top,  and into the engine.

Now a bit of water won’t kill your engine, but this design needs to be changed. I thought about relocating the hydrogen out tap to the left top on the water tank instead of the right top. For some time I put a restrictor on the hydrogen out hoses, dropping the suction down to where it would not pull the water springing in the air.

For about two weeks I simply filled the water tank half way, only to the black mark, and not to the top level red mark. (See Picture).  That worked fine, but the tank only holds 1.5 quarts of water to begin with. Filling it only half way, limited my water to .75 quarts for two hydrogen generators. I found this not enough water to work well and drive long distances.

Finally I purchased a 3 quart water tank, and did my own inputs. I put one input on the right bottom, and one input on the left bottom. I put my output on the right top as before. The tank was much deeper than before. I decided to fill it 2/3rds full, or two quarts of water. That gave me much more water than before. It also stopped the roiling and geyser action on the right side, and I had much more clearance at the top of the tank for the hydrogen. I bought this from Hydrogen Fuel in Florida. The cost was about $40 with shipping, and I consider this to be a necessity with the Hydro Super 2 Double Generator. The single cell Hydro Super 2 water tank works fine with my Saturn SlL1. The company should really change the water tank design for the double generator.

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