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It’s hamburger time for Lions

Posted or updated 09.30.08 by Bill Lamb

It’s the time of year that members of my Lions Club love to hate. Or, depending on how deeply they think about it, hate to love. It’s a time of hard work, but work that brings rewards money can’t really buy.

It’s fair time in Lamar County, and our club has for the past several decades operated a huge hamburger stand at the fair. It’s our biggest fundraiser of the year, so we go all-out for it. And since our membership is increasingly older, the all-out part gets increasingly tiring.

From about 5 p.m. until midnight, beginning Tuesday and running through Saturday, we’ll be taking turns manning the stand, doling out really good hamburgers, great fries, ice cream, popcorn and soft drinks to hungry fair-goers.

But we don’t manage it without help. Troop 2 of the local Boy Scouts shows up nightly to lend a hand, as do some of the Scouts’ parents and friends and associates of our membership. (Naturally, Troop 2 is the recipient of a nice annual donation from our club. They always do a bang-up job for us.)

The money we raise from this and other activities goes in too many different directions to mention here. But I will point to one place that deserves particular attention: the Texas Lions Camp for crippled and diabetic children near Kerrville, Texas.

It’s a fabulous camp that offers kids experiences they might otherwise never have, due to their myriad disabilities. And that, as we know, can shape futures.

Lions International is the world’s largest service club, so the next time you see a Lions Club emblem somewhere (as I did last year in a hotel in Plzeň), you can know that group of concerned men and women in your community is doing something special.

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