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It’s like CB, ain’t it?

Posted or updated 09.28.08 by Glenn Miller

Bill Lamb has kindly allocated some space on the site to allow me to ramble about what has been my hobby since 1965.  I know we have a few Rimbachvets who are also licensed radio amateurs.  During my 23 years in the AF, I’ve come across many amateurs and still keep in touch with a few of them.

In the past several years, amateur radio has changed a great deal.  Technology has pulled a lot of amateurs away from their radios and to their computer keyboards and the Internet. I have to admit I spend much less time “on the air” than I did before the Internet.

A few years ago I decided to re-equip my “ham shack” for amateur satellite operations.  Since the early ‘70s, there have been several dozen satellites launched that support amateur radio.  I was very involved in amateur satellites from 1980 until 1983 while stationed at Ft Meade.  When I PCS’d to go to DLI for intermediate Russian, my station pretty much went into storage and I didn’t resurrect it until May of this year.  Since then, I have made nearly 1,100 contacts with other amateurs through one of the eight Orbiting Satellites Carrying Amateur Radio (OSCAR) that support voice operations.  I have even “worked” a guy who I talked to back in 1982 and who’s still operating through the various satellites. 

Right now I’m collecting confirmation cards (QSLs) to earn the Worked All States via satellite award.  When I was in Maryland, making contact with Hawaii was impossible due to the low earth orbit of the satellites.  Being centrally located in Texas gave me the opportunity to not only talk to an OM (old man) in Hawaii, but also to a YL (young lady) in Alaska.  With those two confirmed, I’ve started a serious effort to get QSLs from the other 48.  Right now I have 35 states “confirmed” and I hope to see some new states confirmed soon.  The only state I haven’t contact so far is Vermont, but it’s only a matter of time.

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Glenn Miller

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Glenn Miller served in Rimbach from June 1972 until June 1975. He retired from the Air Force in 1994 following a series of enviable tours, both overseas and stateside. He now works as a civilian at Goodfellow Air Force Base in San Angelo, Texas, and blogs here about amateur radio and other topics.

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