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Saturn Hydrogen Project Part 3

Posted or updated 11.12.08 by Chuck Russell


One of the reasons that many people do not realize better MPG results with hydrogen convertors is that they are supplying full gasoline and hydrogen at the same time. This makes perfect sense when you think about it. If you took a car, and converted it to run on propane, you would be wasting money to feed in full amounts of gasoline at the same time.

To obtain really good mile per gallon gains with your car, after installing a hydrogen generator, you must cut down the amount of gasoline it receives and let the hydrogen take the place of the gasoline. There are only two ways to do this. One is to manipulate the O2 sensors ( fuel to air ratio) which I consider dangerous. Others use it with good results, so use your own judgment. I prefer to use a device that controls the amount of time that the fuel injectors of the engine are spraying gasoline into the engine. That device is called a MAP Sensor Enhancer which is what I used on my Saturn. MAP stands for manifold absolute pressure sensor. You would need a MAF enhancer if you have a Mass Air Flow Sensor which is what I have on my second vehicle Toyota Tundra. Both work the same way.

The device you see in the picture, little gray box with large dial, sitting near the ignition key opening, is a Map Sensor Enhancer that can be bought for $40. I rewired it with better parts, and I added a voltage device that is my own making, which keeps the O2 sensors from running too lean. The main function is to be able to turn on the fuel injectors, turn off the fuel injectors, and to be able to adjust the fuel injectors to anything in between. The dial adds resistance and is adjustable from 0-10. Zero is full gasoline. The dial sit at 4.5 corresponds to exactly half gasoline, and is what we run in the city with. The Saturn averages about 50 mpg in city driving. It used to get about 30 mpg city driving, before I installed the Hydrogen Convertor.

Dial position 5.5 is where we drive the Saturn on the highway. That cuts back the gasoline even more, and the car recently averaged 62.7 mpg on our trip through 4 states. The best I ever got with it prior to adding the hydrogen was 38 mpg, and the average highway mileage we got was around 36mpg.

A slight bit over Dial position 7, somewhere around 7.3 is the position where the fuel injectors are turned off, and the car is running on just hydrogen. I usually turn it to position 8 just to make sure. Before I installed this Map Sensor Enhancer, I had to take the fuel pump fuse out of the car to test it driving on just hydrogen. This device has made my life much easier.

My wife Maria drives it all the time at position 4.5 and she loves it. The car runs like a mini-racer and has a lot of pep. She is running half gasoline and full hydrogen at this position, and both the engine and the driver love it. Maria won’t drive the car now without the hydrogen running on it. She says it feels dead and has no response. Driving with hydrogen will spoil you very quickly.

We were recently trying to escape a winter storm in Salt Lake City. We were in the last stages of testing with the Saturn. There were warnings of lake effect, the storm was supposed to pick up 14 inches of snow and dump it on Salt Lake City. We had only 4 inches of ground clearance, and decided to high tail it home. The trick was that the short cut was thru the mountains to Moab. We left the next morning, turned the dial to 0 and
ran full gasoline and full hydrogen. We got strange looks passing V-8’s and other much larger vehicles climbing up the mountains. Even with this waste of gasoline and power, we averaged almost 50 mpg during that stretch. We didn’t outrun every vehicle, but we came close.

The point is that you need to have control of the amount of gasoline the car receives, since you are feeding it hydrogen. This device will give you that control. Absolutely necessary to get top gains in mileage.

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