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Toyota Tundra 2008 Hydrogen Conversion Final Notes

Posted or updated 12.04.08 by Chuck Russell


I already have covered installing a Mass Air Flow Sensor Enhancer, see my previous entries. The article shows the actual mass air flow sensor of the 2008 Toyota Tundra that the Hydro Super 2 was installed on. This item allows the fuel injectors to be controlled, and thus the amount of gasoline being injected into the engine.

Unlike my first hydrogen project, I bought a stock mass air flow enhancer. I installed and use it without any modifications. I tried to find one that would match the interior and exterior color of my Timber Land Green Tundra. Yes, I am that girly…sorry to say. This Enhancer cost around $40 shipped and has dual control knobs. I use one position for the city driving, and the other position for highway driving. I run the truck leaner on the highway, than in the city. All I have to do is flip a switch from the city to highway position. This makes the design safer, in that you don’t have to look at a dial to vary the amount of gasoline fuel being added to your hydrogen to power the vehicle. A simple switch flip is all it takes.

This is the final entry on the Toyota Tundra 2008 Hydrogen Conversion.

I have been driving the vehicle and testing it for six weeks now, at least the complete package after replacing the stock water tank with a larger one. I have two long highway trips under my belt. I was not able to get the Tundra to run on just hydrogen like the small Saturn does. However I was able to achieve much greater miles per gallon, and I am quite pleased with the results. The Tundra has a 5.7 liter V-8 engine with a 6 speed automatic transmission.

The previous mpg for city driving was 14.5 average. The worst city mileage I have achieved since installing the hydrogen generator is 27.2 mpg. The very best city mileage I have obtained is 29.4 mpg. The average city mileage was 28.7 mpg. I am personally very impressed and delighted with the city mileage.

I knew I was not going to obtain quite so good improvements in highway mileage, since Toyota had already tweaked this vehicle for highway running. This Tundra has a very low gear ratio when running on the highway, since it is a six speed transmission. The engine is loafing and turning at a very low rpm when cruising. The average highway miles per gallon was 22, before the hydrogen convertor was added. I have made two very long highway trips and tested the mileage thoroughly. On the first I got 34.2 mpg. On the second trip I did somewhat better at 35.1 mpg. My average highway mileage is 34.6. I believe that it may be possible to improve this once the weather is warmer again.

I can positively say however that converting water into hydrogen and oxygen works very well. Two vehicles from my family were converted, and in all I have assisted or taken part in 6 hydrogen generator installations. Every one has been an improvement, and well worth the nominal expense involved. I have also agreed to lend a hand, in attempting to make a hydrogen vehicle to race at the drag way. If and when this happens, I will be sure to make everyone aware of what happens. I may not be the person to drive it however. He who smiles and walks away, may live to smile another day.

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