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Links to related websites

Posted or updated 10.28.13 by Bill Lamb

Below are some links to related Web sites. If you know of more, please e-mail .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), and they can be added. Also, should link change, please drop us an e-mail and let us know.

In Or About Germany or the Czech Republic

Traditionsverein Hohenbogen-Kaserne Bad Kötzting e.V.
Website of the German air force Hoghenbogen veterans organization in Bad Kötzting. Includes German army.
Rimbach’s Official Web Site
Rimbach’s municipal Web site, with photos and tourist information.
Haus Schönblick
The Web site for Haus Schönblick on The Hill, just one of our favorite places.
Hohenbogen Tourism Site
The official tourism Web site for Hohenbogen in Neukirchen. Lots of photos of everyone’s favorite mountain.
Hohenbogen Web Cam
A Web cam showing views of the ski lift area and of Hohenbogen as seen from Neukirchen.
Karel Hlasny Bio Page
A Web page from the Bludov (CZ) municipal site recognizing Karel Hlasny, who was an instructor or Czech at the Defense Language Institute.
The Iron Curtain Project
A Web site operated by a former member of the Czech military, dedicated to the history of electronic intelligence during the Cold War. Lots of good photography from both sides.

Military, Association and Other Sites

Army Security Agency Yahoo! Group
Find old ASA friends, make new ones.
USAF Security Service Yahoo! Group
Find old USAFSS friends, make new ones.
DLI Alumni & Friends Association
Field Station Augsburg
Phil Ward’s Det J (Schneeberg) Web Site
Hof am Saale
A little nostalgia for those of you who were there.
Army Security Agency Online
ASA Vets
Home page of the veterans of the Army Security Agency, including reunion info.
Air Intelligence Agency
National Security Agency
“Daddy DIRNSA’s” place.
Freedom Through Vigilance Association
Past and present USAF intel organization.
Defense Language Institute
Presidio of Monterey, Calif.
The Herzo Survivors
For those stationed at Herzo Base; e-mail addresses of some.
MRV’s Home Page
ASA links and more.
Unofficial USAF E-Mail Locator
Air Force Address Directory
Unit searches for nearly all of DoD.
Airmen Lost and Found
Silent Warriors (The Prop Wash Gang)
Former USAFSS/ESC fliers Web site.
Online ASA Worldwide Database
6924th Security Squadron, Danang AB, Vietnam
Goodfellow Air Force Base
If you haven’t been here in a while, you’ll not recognize it.
San Angelo, Texas
What you’ve missed since you were here last.
San Angelo Info Net
Links to San Angelo businesses, organizations, government, etc.

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