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Welcome to The Rimbach Wiki, a primary source of information and history about the Cold War period of service by U.S. Army Security Agency and U.S. Air Force Security Service personnel in the German village of Rimbach.

This Wiki is written and maintained by members of this site. It is hoped that it will be helpful to non-members as they try to understand what it meant to be a Rimbacher during the Cold War, as well as to aid the memories of those of us who were there.

Members are encouraged to post to this Wiki to further both understanding and the historical record, and to edit existing entries to expand and clarify these resources.

How To Post

Posting to this Wiki requires more of the user than simply posting to our forums area, but not that much more. The rules and syntax can quickly be understood. Users should begin by reading this introduction, Getting Started With The Wiki. Additional vital information can be found in the Wiki Syntax guide.

About Organization

When creating a new entry, an appropriate category may already exist. Or an appropriate sub-category may already exist. Review the existing categories and sub-categories before creating new ones. Please don’t create new categories willy-nilly, as clear, concise organization is important.

About Topics and Style

Please consider this Wiki an official record. As such, treat your topic with care, and your reader with respect. Check your spelling. Watch your grammar.

But above all, be accurate. If there is disagreement over a fact or interpretation, make note of it. If some facet of your entry is unknown, say so. Others may be able to fill in missing information.

Almost any topic is acceptable. However, entries about individuals who served in Rimbach at any time, whether members of this site or not, should not be made. References to such individuals when made in the context of entries should be made with care and respect. Such entries or references deemed unacceptable by site administrators will be deleted. If in doubt, consult the site administrators.