About Our Facebook Group

This site no longer features discussion forums or a photo gallery, most of these capabilities being taken over by our Facebook group.

If you’ve searched Facebook and found nothing, that’s because the group is, in Facebook’s jargon, “secret.” That means only members of the group can access it to read and post.

To non-members, the group basically doesn’t exist at all.

Of course, no one knowingly posts material that is still classified to either this site or the Facebook group. But bits of history and personal information are sometimes discussed on the Facebook group that aren’t intended for public consumption.

Also, some of our members would rather keep their prior - and in some cases ongoing - military and civilian work private. The “secret” Facebook group makes this possible.

But being granted membership is easy. Just fill out the form below, including your bona fides such as job description, when you served in Rimbach, etc. Someone will be in touch and get you set up.

Please note that you already must be a Facebook member in order to take part in the Rimbach Vets group.

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